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From seismic configuration modelling to overview of global seismic fleet and cost modelling, Keos is a comprehensive software for survey cost optimization.


Appseis is a node seismic supervision software designed to verify the consistency of the seismic and supporting deliverable data.


Kappa Offshore Solutions has delivered business intelligence services to major actors of the seismic industry since 2013.

Our company first proposed the concept of vessel safe towing capacity, defined as the maximum number of streamers a specific vessel can tow safely for a given seismic configuration (streamer length and separation).


The survey cost optimization software


We first proposed this concept and defined it as the maximum number of streamers a specific vessel can tow safely for a given seismic configuration.

We designed proprietary algorithms to assess the safe capacity for each seismic vessel, based on the vessel’s deck arrangement and the propulsion plan capabilities versus hydrodynamics forces induced by the seismic towed equipment.

Safe towing capacity


We modeled the relationship between safe capacity and maximum productivity of seismic vessels, taking into account critical drivers such as minimum turn radius achievable or seismic equipment maintenance downtime.  

This allows us to define a maximum productivity for each vessel. 

Maximum productivity

We developed a thorough vessel and seismic configuration cost model: this gives Keos users access to overall survey cost estimations with unmatched accuracy.

We also computed a variety of key performance indicators such as cost per square kilometer of 3D seismic data or total CO2 emissions.

Costing model

Keos relies on a unique proprietary database developped by Kappa Offshore, which encompasses the main technical and economic characteristics for each vessel of the global 3D seismic fleet. It includes the precise hydrodynamic properties of an extensive library of different seismic towing configurations.

Proprietary database




Benefit from Keos features either with a yearly license or through one-shot seismic survey cost and capacity study.

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You may benefit from Keos features either with a software licence or with a personalized seismic survey study. Let us know your requirements and we will propose a custom made solution. 


Node seismic supervision


AppseiS is a seismic software specifically developed for the onboard QC of node surveys on the company side. It is designed to check the consistency of the seismic and supporting deliverable data.




AppseiS is the most comprehensive software for Nodes surveys supervision. It is based upon seismic analysis of nodes data and provides unmatched accuracy in all Quality Control indicators. 


AppseiS supports and uploads all SEG-Y, SEG-D, SPS, BP SIT type, SHP formats.

Seismic trace analysis

in time domain, frequency domain, with signal to noise ratio automatic computation & list of samples.


AppseiS checks file headers & all trace header contents consistency to ensure deliverable quality.

First break positioning

Appseis functionalities include First Break positioning , regenerating its own picks. 

Geophone orientation

AppseiS analyses geophones orientation using hodographs with excellent accuracy.

Node coupling analysis

AppseiS performs a geophone to hydrophone comparison in amplitude and FX domains.

SPS files check

AppseiS verifies all SPS file formatting, header and field contents. 

SPS file display

AppseiS displays any field of an SPS sequence on a plane defined by any two other fields;. 

BP SIT file

AppseiS verifies the contents of all the fields of a BP SIT file type as histograms or displays of any field. 

Source vessels position

AppseiS follows the relative positions of several source vessels at any shot time. 

Bubble tests

AppseiS performs full analysis of bubble tests from SEG-D or SEG-Y gun controller outputs.

Amplitude calibration

AppseiS calibrates amplitude of the Near Field hydrophones from a bubble test record.  

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